What To Read

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This week on What to Read

1. The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss Haven’t read fantasy like this in a long time. Love it! The Kingkiller Chronicles is a fantastic series full of magic, character, and wit. The protagonist is wry, charming, and complexly written, and his supporting cast is a riot to meet. Highly recommended. (But seriously, Rothfuss, can you give us book three already? Please and thank you.)
2. The View From the Top, by Hillary Frank – A story of perception and self-discovery, this book follows eight-year-old Anabelle through the last few months of summer before she leaves for college. However, we see her not only as she sees herself, but through the eyes of several other characters who all seem to have different impressions of who Anabelle really is. A quick, quirky read, I enjoyed this as a fun summer addition to my reading list.
3. The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis – An oldie but a goodie.  A lot of us read these books as kids and/or have seen the film adaptations. If you have already read them, maybe you’d like to rediscover them all over again, revel in your inner wonder. If you haven’t, get to it, man! C.S. Lewis a literary boss.

Happy Reading!

Have your own suggestions or books you’d like me to review? Feel free to comment below!


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