What to Read: The Diviners


The Diviners by Libba Bray


In the streets of 1920s New York City, darkness is rising. Evie O’Neill, a girl with a taste for trouble and speakeasies, is forced to live with her eccentric uncle Will, but only Evie knows of her strange talent-the ability to divine a person’s secrets through touch. When a serial killer begins leaving a trail of bodies, Evie discovers her powers could be the key to saving lives. But she isn’t the only one, and not every diviner has good intentions.

Overall Impressions

This. Is. It. Beautifully written, this book rocketed to my top five favorite series. Fantastical, thrilling, and chucked full of dramatic irony, Bray’s book had me flipping pages so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get paper cuts. The characters are real enough to touch, each a work of art in their own right. “Just one more chapter,” I whispered, and then promptly read six more. But hey! Who needs sleep, right? The Diviners will have you scrambling for your credit card and the Amazon check-out.

Happy Reading!


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