What to Read: Fangirl


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Cath, a fanfiction writer and long-time lover of the Simon Snow series, has just entered her freshman year of college. With her is charismatic twin sister, Wren. Wren is eager for new-new places, new people, new experiences. Cath prefers the familiar. But the world outside of Simon Snow is calling, and Cath’s not quite sure which world she’d rather belong in.

Also by Rainbow Rowell: Carry On

Overall Impressions

Yes. Just…yes. Fangirl captures the essence of what it means to be a nerdy, eight-year-old girl stepping into the big wide realm of college for the first time. I would know. That was me two years ago, all anxious heart and fandom T-shirts. I’ve gotten over the nerves, mostly. But somedays that’s still me, which is why Fangirl is so relevant for today’s budding adults. It reassures us that shedding old ideas of who we are doesn’t have to mean letting go of what’s important, and that we never have to go through it alone. Rowell has a deep understanding of the young adult mindset, and her style shines on every page. Every girl in transition, fan or otherwise, should grab a copy of Fangirl ASAP.

Happy Reading!


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