What to Read: Enrique’s Journey


Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario


At the tender age of five, Enrique and his sister are left behind when their mother travels from Honduras to the United States to seek better opportunities for her impoverished family. Enrique grows up aching to be reunited with his mother and to have an answer to the burning question: If she left, does she really love him?  Sonia Nazario details the brutal, dangerous journey of immigrant children desperately trying to reach their families in United States.

Overall Impressions

All stories challenge us, but nothing challenges a perspective like the stories of real people. Nazario puts faces to the controversial topic of immigration. She depicts the horrors some immigrants face as they struggle to break the cycle of poverty many are trying to escape. Others are children, too young to understand, looking to reunite their families. I found the book to be incredibly educational, inspirational, and relevant to today’s societal issues. I would recommend it to nonfiction readers and anyone eager to expand their understanding of immigration.

Happy Reading!


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