What to Read: Dorothy Must Die


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige



When Amy Gumm lands in Oz with her pet rat Star, she immediately finds herself caught in the middle of a rebellion. Dorothy Gale, Oz’s hero turned tyrannical princess, has been draining the land’s magic. Now, in an attempt to stop Dorothy, the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked has enlisted Amy for a dangerous mission. In order to save Oz, Dorothy must die.

Overall Impressions

Oz has never looked so bizarre, and Amy Gumm does a wonderful job of articulating just how up-side-down it is under Dorothy’s rule. I love when stories question traditional characters, and this novel dramatically reimagines Dorothy as a ruthless, petty ruler set on a magical dictatorship. Many other creative, sometimes horrifying characters make up Dorothy’s guard along with the antiheroes of the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. Lovers of retold classics, fantasy, and YA adventures should consider adding Dorothy Must Die to their summer list. 

Happy Reading!


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