What to Read: A Northern Light

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A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly



Like many great stories, this one begins…WITH A MURDER. When a young woman turns up murdered at the hotel where Mattie works, Mattie begins to rethink her future. A young girl in 1906, Mattie is expected to find a good husband, settle down on a farm, and become a mother. But her love of words spurs dreams of going to New York city to attend college and become a writer. Matt must decide between the obligations of family, society, and her heart.

Overall Impressions

What struck me most about this story was the character dynamics. Mattie is a relatable protagonist and her friendship with Weaver is gorgeously written. All of the characters are well rounded and have unique personalities. The book is full of tragic truths and social issues that are still relevant today, but also the promise of hope and perseverance. I often found myself angry at the injustices the characters faced. However, I ended the book satisfied and thoroughly romanced by Donnelly’s story. This is a good book for YA fans of historical fiction.


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