What to Read: The 100


The 100 by Kass Morgan



High above Earth’s surface, what remains of humanity survives aboard a network of spaceships. Three centuries after the nuclear fallout that devastated the earth, a hundred juveniles convicted of dangerous crimes are being sent back to the ground. It could be a second chance, but it could also be a death sentence.

Overall Impressions 

A solid choice for lovers of YA science fiction, The 100 follows Clarke, Wells, Bellamy, and Glass as they fight to survive on Earth and above it. Each are haunted by the difficult choices they’ve had to make, and each has a backstory as compelling as the last. I enjoyed Kass’s use of multiple points of view, which added nicely to the suspense of the story. I less enjoyed the focus on romance as a motivational tool, which could be why I favor Bellamy’s storyline, but that’s more of a personal preference. Overall, the book is a fast-paced and easy read, perfect for a lazy weekend.

I’m not normally the type to watch an adaptation before I read the book, but I initially picked up The 100 after feverishly binge watching the television series (which is MIND BLOWING, by the way). The first two seasons are now available on Netflix. If, like me, you met the show before you met the book, I will warn you there are some stark differences. But if you feel the calling, check the book out anyway! And as always…

Happy Reading!



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