Keeping Creative

Keeping Creative

Winter can bring what I’m sure even the most well-studied of medical professionals would refer to as “the blahs”. Here in Midwest, after the initial novelty of glittering white snow has come and gone, the blahs are there until spring. And a dreary environment can suck creative bones dry. So here are some tips to keep the inspiration coming, because we KNOW winter is.

Break Out the Library Card

It may seem obvious, but what a person reads can directly influence how and what she writes. So while you’re stuck inside this winter, pick up a few new books and dive in! Experiment with different genres, reread the tales that inspired you as a kid, or research that thing you’ve always been a little curious about but never seem to have time to Google. Bottom line: read! You’re bound to find new ideas or old ones worth refreshing.


Who needs an excuse to play? Board games, video games, make-believe with younger cousins. Have fun! Let loose. As long as it’s engaging and fun, something’s bound to come from it (even if those great memories don’t make it into your next bestseller).

Get Outta’ Here

Sometimes all it takes to coax creativity from the corners of your brain is a walk through the mall. Or a chilly stroll down the street. A trip to anywhere that isn’t your own house. While winter can limit our outdoor experiences, new surroundings, even indoors, can make a huge difference.

I hope you all enjoy the thrilling rush that comes from the start of a new winter season! But if you do find yourself suffering from the creative blahs, don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Fear not, they can be cured.

Happy Writing!




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One response to “Keeping Creative

  1. Tiegan

    I will keep these in mind (although in my part of the world it is now Spring).
    But the weather has been so hot we all want to stay inside, so the tips still apply.

    Awesome post 🙂


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