Meet Rumpelstiltskin


The most infamous sorcerer in all of Hart, thought by some to be no more than a legend, has resurfaced. He’ll help anyone in need…for a price. Desire revenge on your neighbor? Bring the wizard an ivory snake’s skin and he’ll transform your enemy into a stool. Need to spin straw into gold to stay the king’s wrath? Promise him your first born child. Everything costs something, the question is: Are you willing to pay? This is the question Holden (See Meet Holden) once faced, and now Marley (See Meet Marley Emmons) must answer it for herself.

Inspired by the Grimms Brother’s fairytale, Rumpelstiltskin, this sorcererĀ is more than he appears. Driven by his tragic and unresolved past, Rumpelstiltskin will sacrifice almost anything to attain what he desires. Years of planning, deal making, and death have finally brought him closer to his goal than he’s ever been before. The end is in sight. All of his pawns are in place. Now all he requires is three enchanted items — a golden flute, a spinning wheel, and a bixbite gem.

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