What to Read

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The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick


Granite Point is a small fishing town with a long history and a tightly knit community. At the heart we find the Sparrow Sisters — Sorrel, Nettie, and Patience. A gifted gardener and healer, Patience is use to treating the town with her homemade remedies but when Henry, an army medic turned family doctor, arrives in Granite Point, he begins to question her natural and inexplicable gifts. Still, the unlikely pair can’t help feeling drawn to each other. Then tragedy suddenly strikes the town and chaos ensues in a modern day witch hunt.

Overall Impressions

Herrick’s wistfully detailed style is soothing to read. I enjoyed snuggling up and spending a few hours wandering with the residence of Granite Point. The¬†protagonists were likable, the minor characters lovable, and all were generally well-rounded. (My favorites are Ben and Charlotte ). The story itself was interesting and flowed smoothly. I would recommend this novel as a good choice for lovers of romance, drama, and a little bit of magic.


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