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Zodiac Station by Tom Harper


In the cold and lonely grip of the Arctic, US Coast Guard icebreaker Terra Nova has gained a suspicious new passenger. Upon being rescued from the ice, the man says his name is Tom Anderson, sole survivor of the research outpost Zodiac Station, which has been left in ruins. He recounts his story of sabotage, paranoia, and murder to the captain of the Terra Nova, but when others survivors are found Anderson’s tale is brought into question. What exactly did happen at Zodiac Station? What is the truth? And most importantly, can anyone be trusted?

Overall Impressions

A great choice for lovers of suspense, mystery, and adventure. Harper’s cast of characters keeps the reader guessing from beginning to end as suspicions rise and secrets are revealed. His use of the Arctic landscape was perfect for the tone of the novel and sucked me into the cold, paranoid world of Zodiac Station. Just reading about it made me want to burry myself in a warm parka.

Science is not my area of expertise. Because of this I sometimes found myself a little lost trying to understand the more scientific portions of the story, which slowed down the action. Still, even with some slow spots, I did enjoy reading the story from multiple points of view. It made me question every character and their motives just as I was beginning to think I found a narrator I could trust. Harper’s use of unreliable narrators is marvelous, overlapping each story almost seamlessly.

Happy Reading!


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